The continuation of the under-exposed-indie-monster-children-or-frankie-lifestyle photography series.

Montpellier, you continue to amuse me.
Full of street art and footpaths charred with the remains of bins that have been burnt-down. Somehow there is life everywhere. It’s kind of like Collingwood, but not. Kind of like Balaclava, but not.


25 Things You Have To Try In Your 20s At Least Once

Pertinent and inspirational =)

Thought Catalog

1. Call that person you’ve been thinking about for longer than you can remember, but whose rejection you have always feared. Just pick up the phone, hold your breath, and accept the fact that knowing how they feel is better than living in limbo.

2. Go on a camping trip with a solid group of your friends, a cooler of drinks, and enough grillable meats to last you for at least twice as long as you actually need. Get really scared when you think you hear a bear, and then realize it’s just your friend coming back from peeing.

3. Learn how to make your favorite restaurant dishes, even if they don’t taste as good as the original. Learn what actually goes into the food you love so much.

4. Apply to a job that you really want, but which you know you have next to zero chance of actually…

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