Sketch Task – Inside

Shot on a Samsung Galaxy Note.
Edited in Final Cut Pro


those apps

I want to air my frustrations surrounding the apps available on Android phones (and Windows 8 – but that doesn’t really count).

When looking to buy my smartphone last year I was told a number of times that I should get an Android
“There’s heaps more free apps”
“The market’s not as controlled so there are more, better apps”  … or so they told me….

Unfortunately, for creating videos (and for good image editing), there doesn’t seem to be a comparison.
Apple wins this one. Hands down.

  • Vine
  • Lightt
  • Cinemagram
  • Lumify

Some of the great apps available exclusively to iOS users.



I don’t know. They are all free yet they are not on Android. Android where they can have ads!

So, I’m almost ready to buy myself my very first iPod.

Sound in the Sketch Task

I find it difficult to know what to do about sound in the sketch tasks.

I could spend all day long selecting and creating audio for the 10 second shorts. Because they are so quick, it’s like they deserve a more. But yet, I feel they are meant to be abstract, so what kind of soundtrack do they deserve then?

And even then, sorting through music on Creative Commons sites is not simple, and it takes some time – does this break the idea surrounding the post-industrial, dirty, quick, messy themes of the sketch task?