those apps

I want to air my frustrations surrounding the apps available on Android phones (and Windows 8 – but that doesn’t really count).

When looking to buy my smartphone last year I was told a number of times that I should get an Android
“There’s heaps more free apps”
“The market’s not as controlled so there are more, better apps”  … or so they told me….

Unfortunately, for creating videos (and for good image editing), there doesn’t seem to be a comparison.
Apple wins this one. Hands down.

  • Vine
  • Lightt
  • Cinemagram
  • Lumify

Some of the great apps available exclusively to iOS users.



I don’t know. They are all free yet they are not on Android. Android where they can have ads!

So, I’m almost ready to buy myself my very first iPod.


“There’s an app for that…”

New(ish) to the world of the smartphone I have enjoyed finding applications for my phone.
Supposedly, apps can make our lives easier, simpler, and more seemless – sometimes this is true, yet often apps need further development…

Apps or applications are just simply computing programs or pieces of software designed and written to fulfill a particular purpose of the user. They have been around since the birth of the computer, however it was the rise of the smartphone and subsequent need to create smaller more compact pieces of software that has led to the boom of the app that we have seen grow in recent years.

For a brilliant overview on apps, and some great facts – see this infographic!

Apps themselves have changed – they have become ‘smaller’ (more accessible, and not as large as traditional applications for computers that one would have gone to the shop to buy – eg. Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop etc), cheaper, and easier to access. We still can buy the BIGGER apps instore (however they are becoming  increasingly more available online).
The platforms and marketplaces where we can get them have also changed.


  • easily back up work
  • easily link work across devices – through sync-ing devices to the web
  • you can get the same app on your mobile phone, laptop, tablet making it easy to work or socialise
  • free/’lite’ apps offer a trial version which


  • free apps generally contain advertisements
  • cheap and free apps often freeze
  • some expensive apps don’t offer much, and rely on users buying in-app content

MY suggestions for apps:

  • Evernote – a great, free ‘productivity’ application I use it to take notes and record lectures at uni. I have it on all my electronic devices.
  • Angry Birds – probably my all-time favourite game =) and it’s free on Android =))
  • ABC iview – this is great because they upload si much of their on-air content and because it’s ABC it’s full of interesting TV
  • Facebook – …everyone has it, so why not have the app for it too

…for more great ideas see appSmitten – a website dedicated to finding the top apps (you can even sign up for their newsletter if you are that keen)

In my view, the challenge for apps, and their creators is to fabricate apps that all users to ‘break the rules’, such as watching videos of all formats on Apple products (ipads, etc.)
Being less ‘controlled’ or regulated, the Android market has more space to allow this, and if Apple doesn’t catch up, they will fall behind.