The eBook Phenomenon

Somehow I could never imagine myself in bed with an eBook.
However, times are changing, and I love my iPad for holding all my textbooks in year 12; making my schoolbag that much lighter. The eBook, or electronic book can be read anywhere any time. It is downloaded from the interent (using an app such as iBooks) and then read on an iPad, Kindle, smartphone, or other mobile device.


  • The eBook means less paper used and therefore more space
  • Using a tablet or other mobile device allows you to carry multiple books at the one time
  • With some textbooks, on devices such as iPads – you can edit, mark, highlight and write note without ever defacing the book
  • Cheaper costs allowing for more opportunities for writers to publish their work (see image below)



  • They don’t have the same feel as a book – there is something nice about buying a book, and holding one
  • Free and low cost eBooks are often not well edited, containing many mistakes
  • Retailers are suffering (and we have seen this with the closing of Borders and Angus and Robertson)

Click on the above image for a good review of Kindle

Overall, I will always prefer reading a physical piece of paper – I still print my readings, and I go out of my way to buy books inorder to support book retailers but the world of eBooks offers a great deal of opportunity for the author.