Gamification – Graffiti That Was

For the Gamification task, Caley and I decided to create a game using twitter and Qr tags that involves finding graffiti that has been taken down.

THE THEME: All too frequently artists graffiti is painted over and destroyed to uphold what the governing bodies feel is a better image. The game we have designed is intended to reveal the old graffiti works so everyone can see them and appreciate the Graffiti That Was…

THE AIM: To be the first to find the location of the graffiti that has been removed – and tweet it!


Our game is going to be titled “Graffiti That Was”. The game involves the placement of a QR code next to an old piece of famous graffiti that was destroyed. We are going to use the graffiti of the mouse and parachute by Banksy in Prahran which was destroyed by a builder and now has pipes through the middle of it.

To play the game you have to create a twitter account. Once you have your twitter account, you then need to search “#graffitithatwas” in the search box on twitter.

This will reveal a tweet which says “Graffiti Challenge #1  #graffitithatwas #netmed #gamification

Once you click on the blog post, this will have a QR tag which is linked to a map, this will show you where to go next.

When you get to the location, the QR code will be placed where the graffiti used to be or near it.

After you have found the QR code and scan it, an automatic tweet will appear using your account.

This tweet will read: “the piece to the puzzle … #banksy#netmed ”

You will then click on the link to fill in the missing piece of the puzzle and problem solved! You see the original graffiti art that was there and know who designed it.

Caley designed a marketing image that fits with our theme. In the background are two letter J’s (representing our last names).

I created a blog too that fits with our game and uses the marketing image as a background.


caught in the act

So if you’ve found this story, you’ve probably found my QR tag that was up for all to see:

Monday, February 27 2012, my first day of uni, the beginning of the next chapter of my life… I was ready, I was set, my outfit borderline indykid-mixed-with-nice-girl look (I figured appropriate for a first day).

Never, did I expect to have it be so eventful…

Having been to the cinema screening ad my first lecture, heading back to the main campus after having lunch with some uni kids we were stopped trying to enter Bowen Street.

A TV crew had shown up … that’s when I knew something BIG had happened.

“Someone’s got a gun!”

“They’ve evacuated the buildings”

Cue trembling, cue the imagined new report: Jess Junor, shot dead on first day of uni…
Maybe I went a bit far, but it was rather terrifying at the time – never expected a suspected gunman to show up on my first day.

Talk about crazy stuff…

Of course, being the goody-little-two-shoes that I am, after worrying that I would miss my second ever University Lecture the police eventually cleared the street and as far as I know, the suspect never even had a weapon (or so they say…)

For good measure, here’s the QR code: