Data Dump

Post Production has to be one of the hardest parts.
Being involved in ANY project from start to finish is difficult. It’s challenging to continually be excited and curious about your work, but there comes a point – when production is finished and the end is in sight that I just want to give up!

Fed up wit my own efforts (and with the concept itself) the thing I want most of all is to leave it in the corner. The thing I want least of all is to tidy the loose ends – but doing that, and doing it well is the marker of success in any project.

It’s easy to record all of this STUFF, to make, and to create – but what you actually do with it is what society cares about. All the photos have to actually make it to social media to have any impact; the sketch videos need to be ordered and edited into a logical form to create a narrative; and the sound bytes need to be cropped and uploaded, so they can be heard!
But this takes so much effort and coming to terms with your work is hard.
Reflecting is hard.


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