15 Ways To Work Overseas And Keep Traveling the World

Thought Catalog

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 9.55.09 AM

Don’t have enough money to go traveling? Think you can’t save enough in your current situation to realize your dream of traveling the world? Well, you are wrong.

The perception that travel is expensive keeps many people from embarking on a journey around the world. They think to themselves “it’s too expensive and too difficult and I’ll never be able to do it.” But travel is not as expensive as it appears and even if you can’t save thousands upon thousands of dollars, you can always find work overseas. It’s not as hard as you imagine and it’s an option overlooked too often by travelers.

Finding work overseas is not like finding a job in the United States. It’s a much more informal process, and if you remember you are looking for a job rather than a career, and stay flexible with your options, you’ll be able…

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