…unexpected Prague…

An 80’s club, more goulash then I probably should’ve and some damn good beer.

After a 14 hour overnight bus ride – with a 2am wake up from the German police checking passports when we crossed the boarded –  bleary eyed and somewhat disorientated, we found ourselves in Prague.

Day one saw the discovery of the Old Square, wandering the streets – Ella enchanted and in awe, me mulled wine and goulash at a pub for dinner

Dinners have definately been a highlight (two out of three being beef goulash, and the other smoked pork with potato dumplings, spinach and garlic in a truly Czech restaurant. Every expense was spared as we stepped past the curtain into

Day three: Dali exhibition (maybe not Czech but had to be done), up the clock tower and a visit to the Prague Communism Museum – fun fact, it’s sandwiched between a Maccas and a Casino! It’s also in a pretty ornate building, but it smelt pretty bad so I guess they equal each other out!

Prague seemed to me like one of the places people might pass by and not really take into account but it’s super picturesque – plenty of movies filmed in Prague, all the service staff we have encountered have been lovely in their broken english ways, the food has been fantastic and it’s not that expensive! Díky Prague, it’s been rad.


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