it rained at the Sagrada Familia

Barcelona was so magnificent, beautiful beyond words and just so much a bit of everything that I love.
I loved it so much; the Gothic Quarter, the great Gaudi, the wonderful shopping, juices at the market and food and grog oh so cheap! There was everything I liked, all in the one place – and friendly too! People happily asking about my camera, about exchange, and about life in Australia.
Barcelona, I want to live you again and again. I don’t think I would tire quickly of this town…

Hostel-ing it was a bit of a different story, but now I can say I’ve been there done that, so I can move on and do it better the next time.

I went to this amazing construction twice -the first time, it was raining. The people of Barcelona found this a hard thing to comprehend, and judging by my soaked shoes and frozen toes, I was just as unprepared as they were for it!

But I did not go in (I would have eagerly made a donation to this amazing Church made by the people, for the people, but I feel like I would rather not give to what may be an everlasting project due to the Spanish governments want to line the pockets – apparently, every five years or so, the entry fee (13euro) pays for the entire building to be finished, however, the reason completion takes so long, according to the Government is down to lack of funding…


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