The week of holidays has probably been the best week in Montpellier so far.

I was told by a past exchange student that I should most certainly organise a trip for the break because it can be hard to be there in such a different situation, and with the majority of exchange students using this opportunity to do further travel in Europe it might be a lonely time.

Unfortunately, I had a small accident the week before, but fortunately had not booked anything for the break. After getting all fixed up on Monday, I spent the week with, literally, a renewed smile. It was unfortunate, it was painful and it was so hard to be away from home, to be unsure of how to go about seeking assistance and to not have my devoted family at my beck and call. It happened. So, I hid out in my room for a week, I sooked, I (accidentally) took a double dose of painkillers, and I let my face heal.

I don’t want to say I’m glad that it happened, but I’m happy that from this experience I now have a new energy, a desire to enjoy the moment, to make the most of the last 2 months in Montpellier and to really grab life balls. I have a new reason to smile.


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