Lightning Storm

I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend with an extraordinary Australian woman who works in Montpellier. She is an absolute delight, even more so, she took pleasure in hosting me, cooking delicious food for me and engaging in conversation with this somewhat-lost-and-midly-frazzled-twenty-year-old.

Thank-you Karen!

On Saturday night, we drove out to the little village of St Juste to see a play put on by an amateur theatre group. Les Belles-Soeurs, is about a dinner hosted by a couple for his brothers and their wives. The sisters-in-law not wanting to be there, things quickly unravel… and relationships become strained.

On the drive back, there was lightning, but not like I’ve ever experienced before. There was no thunder, no rain, no noise. Just these great sheets of lightning.
So I filmed it.
The appearance and disappearance of light. My obsession.


2 thoughts on “Lightning Storm

  1. Bonjour Jess

    Thank you for following my blog – l hope you enjoy it as much as l am yours.

    We retired to Perpignan in 2000 and moved to the Gironde in 2007. During thepast thirteen years we have experienced all kinds of extreme weather conditions but nothing like the 360 degree silent sheet lightening like the other night. Scary, awesome and jaw droppingly beautiful all at the same time.

    We wish you well in your Gallic adventure



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