Yep, Breaking Bad.
It’s happening, And it’s happening so fast. 

Until now, the show has rarely implied such a tight, and strict time flow. Barely a day is condensed into an episode, with almost no time between them. It does keep me on the edge of my seat, but it also has me cringe a little; how far did they really need to push it? News of this series finale is everywhere; on every pop culture blog,  memespace, all the youtube feeds.

But the way they’ve altered the time frame, each drastic, drama-filled minute makes it draining, and I find myself wondering why are we running full-pelt to the end?
Does it keep an audience more engaged? Probably yes, we knew the end was coming but we’re still in the dark about what exactly it will entail…but this, this feels a bit like Argo. It’s nail-biting, gut wrenching stuff, but it’s not a movie, it’s a tv series. In my world tv isn’t allowed to do that! It been what six 50-ish minute episodes, and then the double-episode finale brings us to just over a six and a half hour heat-racing (and anger fuelled) finale. Too long in my books.

They broke bad, every single one of them.

The full throttle finale also leaves me unsure whether or not there still exists one character that I like, that I can side with at all. Right now, I’m perhaps most partial to the double-standard-shady-greasy-haired-lawyer, Saul, and thats saying something. Or, it’s Jesse, the addict who has really made nothing of himself, somehow, despite his lack of motivation and direction

Obviously the pressure was on to hold the engagement throughout the final season, but the writers are pretty much leaving us with nothing at the end of every episode. The only thing we have to go by is the flash forward in the opening of Blood Money.  

Junkee provides a nice little insight into some of the differences between the ending of a book and a television series finale. It’s true that no-one really talks as much about the ending to a book. But reading books is a much more private thing (there’s no zeebox for books yet….). It is interesting to think that this, the end of Breaking Bad, goes down as one of the events of 2013. I feel, that we all know what will mark the end of the show, and the interesting part is how it takes us there – but if everyone breaks bad, and everyone dies does that really make it remarkable? The show seemed to have begun at a steady pace and has now turned into a treacherous, nauseating roller-coaster ride. For me, it’s lost its sense of reality, and it did so back in the fourth season. When Walter embraced his Heisenberg…

So what now, how does it all finish?
And what next? Hailed as one of the best TV shows, what’s going to replace it’s spot? Or, maybe more importantly, will we continue to see the evolution of characters such as Walter White?


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