I guess being away from home, it’s more and more interesting to discover what makes me tick.
Bought of homesickness number one (…post landing shock)

(And so this is probably a bit of a lame and heartfelt post, apologies).

I was spoilt….thanks work, thanks RMIT, thanks parents. Always good coffee, everywhere; on the way to uni, when I’m out walking the dog, in the afternoon when I get home – the Saturday family afternoon tea!

I miss my Melbourne coffee, I do, but I do without it.
Until today.
Cue mini break-down in the supermarket. There was a lot of coffee, but not Melbourne Coffee, it was overwhelming.
All I wanted was to go home to the Saturday afternoon plunger coffee with almond croissants; mum and I ranting about work to the others and the chicken kievs roasting slowly in the oven.

Coffee is what my mum is meant to be addicted to! Not me! (Maybe that’s what made it all the more emotional)

Photo: @alanchancoffee1961


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