There have been many, and there will be many more. 

However, on Thursday in French Contemporary Cinema, being dutiful exchange students, we told out Tutor that we were not native French speakers so if we were looking super confused or whatever not to worry (aka please don’t pick on us, we really don’t know what’s going on).

He took this the wrong way. All the class had to identify one auteur they wanted to learn about, one they admired, and the last french film they had seen en salle. To start, he asked us, …this will be interesting, let’s see what the foreign students know about French cinema…What’s the last French film you’ve seen? 
I replied with the title, Je vous trouve très Beau. (I find you very handsome)
He answerd, Merci, but what was the last film you’ve seen?

He laughed. The class laughed.

Good times France. Good times.


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