Arcade Fire’s REFLEKTOR

Arcade Fire’s REFLEKTOR

Not only is it a new song from Arcade Fire, but it’s the beginning of a new concept and it has so much potential.

Seven and a half minutes of interactive video, portraying a woman’s journey between two worlds, it’s kind of reminiscent of the days where you used to click to change the psychedelic animations that came up on Windows Media Player. It’s trippy, it’s pretty awesome. Use your mouse (finger on a tablet) to manipulate the images and effects – it’s impermanent, it changes each time, but it’s interactive and its something new to the music video scene.

A new way to view, it’s a product of Google’s Chrome Experiments. Comprised of a new(ish) showcase of web experiments building on the concept of what Web 2.0 really offers. It is primarily focused on mobile content and devices (its got QR codes, yes), however the Arcade Fire project is viewable straight from your laptop and if you’ve got  a camera it even features YOU!

Where will this go from here? Who knows….

*Arcade Fire have also released a not-so-cool-but-still-hipster-enough film clip


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