We visited the Palais des Papes on Sunday September 25.
It was hot, and sunny.

It goes without saying but the buildings are so amazing here – the time and effort that as gone into them is really incredible. As is the fact that they are still in existence today!
The Palais des Papes housed several Popes during the fourteenth century during which Rome faced many religious wars.

The Palais is comprised of multiple buildings, with each Pope having added to, or taken away from the original structure. It is enormous, with a wardrobe TOWER and a secret underground chamber that where they hid money under the floor.
As much as I enjoyed wondering through the ginormous structure I have realized that I don’t like those touristy guided tours – where everything is all laid out in front of you. I prefer to explore myself. By far the best part of the Palais, remaining under heritage protection, is the rooms where they hold exhibitions of contemporary artists. I really like that the use of the exhibition space continues into the 21st century – the old and the new. The space is still being utilised in the way the Pope intended it to be (which Pope, I am not sure).


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