Culture shock. It’s definitely a thing. Definitely a thing.

Setting up the tiny dorm room space to live out of for the next four months is proving an interesting challenge as I begin to really question what I actually NEED and what I want, or just like to have. A scout is comfortable. True, but a scout camping is not luxurious. Most of the stuff (the kettle, the bowl, the stick mixer) are not really things I envision taking back to Australia. Overall, I don’t want to be wasteful (with money or with resources), but there are some things that I do need.

Number one a water bottle. For some strange reason I didn’t bring one with me, and it has taken just two weeks to find one. So, French people don’t drink tap water? (It doesn’t compare to Melbourne’s water) The small supermarkets didn’t have any, the Wal-Mart equivalent didn’t have any, Ikea didn’t have any, homeware shops only seemed to stock the silicon travel sups and thermoses despite it being the middle of summer. Finally, at the most humungous outdoor living shop I have ever been to in my life we found them! Along with fake Nike Air’s and whole home gyms.

I always knew life in France was going to be different, but I thought that it wouldn’t be too hard ot find frozen berries in the supermarket – nope, that’s not a thing either. You can get frozen spinach ……. but not frozen berries… these things are beyond me.


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