Getting to know Montpellier

So far, I’ve found the history of the city much ore interesting then I expected I would.
It’s quite a diverse little town with roots in the Medieval Age.

Today, our guided tour gave us a better idea of the way the town is laid out, and why (for best defence in the middle ages).
It is much younger then Nîmes thus the architecture varies quite a bit. The large gardens, gothic cathedral, are all quite impressive and there exists a nice balance of space between despite the narrow lanes and tall buildings.

But there is something magical and also scary about the doors. Always so large, and almost never with windows near ground level, the French lead what appears to be a private existence behind them. Quite blocked out from the street, the solid timber doors are marvellous yet I find that I do not perceive them as a way of entering a building, but a way of ensuring that the goings-on inside the building remain private.

Interesting Fact I learnt today: the owners of houses that exist above an archway did not have to buy the land. You only had to pay if your property touched the ground….or so I’m told!


One thought on “Getting to know Montpellier

  1. History of Montpellier can’t be complete without its intellectual aspect . The university of Montpellier belong to the oldest group of European colleges . The XIIth century saw the birth of University in Europe : Uk Oxford and Cambridge, ¨FR Paris, Toulouse and Montpellier, SP Madrid, Salamanca and Lerida, POR Coimbra and a whole bunch in Italy including Rome and Naples . Nostradamus studied medecine there, and the medecine college of Montpellier is the oldest of all colleges still active .
    You should just stroll in evenings in the old historic center . It’s not wide but it’s very dense . You can walk in inner yards . Some of these impressive doors are not closed, and nobody will be offended if you have a quick look . Secret beauty in France has to be worked for a little bit .
    And people are cool in Montpellier .

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