It was amazing to see the variety of work produced – every film had merits and I enjoyed seeing them all on the big-screen.

The Job Interview – funny, people actually did laugh Michael – cutting was great, and it all came together really nicely

BEAR – variety of shots, admire use of 2 locations – used well

Isaac – coloured grading grading worked out so well, the sound came up great too well shot

CRUMPETS – suspenseful, well written, great audio and good performances

About A Dog – the guy who wasn’t Jeremy was great, emotive lighting, great camera work and excellent sound choices

Bat & Chain – nice location and strong costuming, cute storyline with clever characters

Knock, Knock – built up pace well and definitely achieved suspense, strong use of sound and keeping the object a mystery made for a really strong overall effect

TIME TO WATCH – loved the use of the security camera perspective and the use of sound (and no sound), good set design

Hilarious Transplant – really funny and entertaining, totally different direction to other films which was great to see!

Skelomancy – great set design, loved the actress (we auditioned her and she was super sweet!) and clever ending

Rent Day – clever, simple, effective; the crash zoom on the ring and the fantasy were epic, loved the setting in time and the three parts and great, believable actors

What’s For Tea, Trev? – great actors, and the moustache on the sound guy was hilarious, he was great, loved the characters

Never Wake A Sleepwalker  – effective horror, that was scary! great editing and lighting, intense ending.

My Sweetheart You – abrupt ending, deep story, good framing on opening shots

Jack And The Box – clever use of location, really engaging story and clever edits, good use of SFX

Stu’s Date – this was funny, clever use of characters, good acting, good props

Confessions – loved the opening, great location, great costumes, good acting, well-written and clever

The Other Half – awesome editing and strong use of sound created a really engaging and strong piece of work. Loved the use of close-ups and good acting.

Third Law of Motion – really liked the colours, colour grade and lighting, actors worked really well together, obviously a great deal of rehearsal

The Creek –  seeing this come together has been great; Zac’s performance was excellent, great shots under the bridge

Where’s Pierre – funny and clever, loved the split screen shot, especially with the different lighting and colour themes in each room

Loot – simple and clever, great script, humorous and excellent set/prop design

*sidenote* this post was written over coffee with Caley =)


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