the end…?

All of this brain boggling, mind-opening stuff about editing soft texts, about making and creating online and about giving up control of your work leaves me wondering how will we ever know if our work is finished or completed?

That the blog is a hypertext, and that texts are being re-mixed and re-mashed would suggest not. Once we have made and published this work it is available for others to view and to use….to re-appropriate, and to make something new with. But then that leaves me with another question, how finished does a piece of work need to be before it can be published?

We upload our Korsakow films mid-way, to test and to trial, but do they even have an ending, a completion? Is a final SNU all that final?

If our units (sketch videos/still images/archive footage/sound recordings) only acquire greater meaning when they are given context, when they relate to other things, this suggests that their meaning can and will be forever changing when the context shifts. They will never be finite and locked in as long as they are available to be re-used. I like this.

These thoughts of course lead me to believe that the idea of handing in a piece of work of this nature – a text that grows and develops, that can be reappropriated and remade – to be marked runs completely against the grain of what we are meant to be learning. Such is life.


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