some thoughts on editing: we’re going soft

Adrian’s lecture this week focused on the medium of soft video, and the opportunities available to edit soft video – there are plenty of them…
At the base of it all, he highlighted that it is the need to understand the process that is editing, rather then knowing how to best use the software that is favoured at the time. That seems to me to be one of the central goals surrounding many of my core subjects , and it it the theory that surrounds a university education – it’s about being able to think, and then being able to do.

But, I digress,  back to hypertext, videos, quicktime and all that..

Maybe, I’m already an old fart: not keen on 3D TV, and unwilling to Kindle-it-up, but beyond all of that, I find it sooo difficult to edit text from a screen. That is why my blog is so informal, and probably, no definitely why it reads as a stream of consciousness sometimes. It is pre-meditated, but, in no way is it edited to the extent that I would edit a video, a piece of sound, or an academic-style essay.

I have problems with editing – it seems like such an infinite process.
I am unable to judge when a piece of work is good enough, rather then over-worked. My exam strategy was just to write, read over it quickly and then hand it up, unfortunately that doesn’t work so well in the real world. It has influenced my ability to procrastinate, leaving myself to bang out work at the last minute, letting the deadline motivate me to produce the best that I can.

I cannot deal with editing text on screen.
With video editing I can only ever work in short bursts, and need to change screens to get a different look at colours, and resolution.
When it comes to image, and especially anything working with colour I can only work for a short time without running around in circles and eventually I need to wear a blindfold to bed, it just gets that intense.
I always want to print out my work and look at it.
I want finite records and copies of how it was, what needed to be changed, and then how it was changed. The blog is not like this. An updated blog post does not show you the old one (at least not on wordpress anyway). I do take time and care in creating posts, but I don’t like to go through the process of editing the whole thing top-to-bottom once I’m done, instead adopting a paragraph by paragraph method which, according to the writings about academic writing is BAD. But this method, paragraph by paragraph, supports the post-industrial movement – some aspects more so then others (dirty, messy).
It will change, it can be updated, it’s to set in stone – but to what degree should it be fixed, can I do a complete 180 on my point of view?
– Is this method of breaking the boundaries just a way of sticking it to the rule book that suggests writing should be premeditated and edited?
– When do we go too far? When am I just becoming an apathetic tertiary student just going on about – what it is to be educated in society and the way the world is rapidly changing?
– Is a lack of structure simply being lazy? or is it more then that, is it about getting ideas out there, quickly?

And, what is the act of editing these days?  Regarding text, I feel it would be completely inappropriate, even disrespectful, to say that control-click on a word underlined with red dots can be classed as an act of editing.


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