being technologically literate


“new technologies do not in themselves produce social change, though they can, and do facilitate it” Fiske, 1993


Don’t you just love it when your research crosses between subjects!

People (my parents) love to complain about how easy it is for us to find answers – to do research and to get instant access to facts and dates.
The huge amount of information we have quick and easy access to 

But maybe now, we’ve easily got the “42” part of the equation, now it is up to us to come up with the best questions to ask – how can we collate the information, the data, and make it meaningful  and useful – or how can we make it most meaningful?
I get so hung up about things being the best they can be, rather then just being – people tell me I get too hung up on it, but maybe that’s what will make a difference in the future, because at some point it’s no longer about the information being there, but it’s about why its there and how it will and can be used. If we were to develop classification systems around that then we would probably move further faster – if that’s even possible.

To an extent, when we classify, we are excluding. This belongs here, with these things not here, and not here or here.  What happens when we break these classifications?


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