Something I started working on a while back, but didn’t quite ever finish.

All this commotion about shooting in a stationary car has really switched me onto noticing all the examples of (what I feel could be) do-able shots and angles of people in cars.
It happens more often then I thought it would and I’m glad because it suggests to me that it’s not  impossible for a low/no budget student film.

Unfortunately, we can’t put the camera on the dash board so I’ve been looking for alternate shots and interesting angles. I was surprised to see how often there were shots from outside cars. You could  some reflection in the mirror, but nothing too distracting.

It’s in Breaking Bad:


Filming from this far away does give a greater sense of distance to the actors, but I don;t think that’s a bad thing – at least for the beginning of the scene. Once Bill & Linda’s argument heats up, the camera can move in closer.
This shot is good because it provides context. 

In this shot you can even see some reflection on the car window, but it doesn’t look tacky or cheap . I feel we coud re-create this easily enough

It’s in Mr & Mrs Murder (now, we know it can be done easily if it’s in that show – no disrespect).


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