thinking outside the square in post…

Looking over our footage yesterday, Paul suggested we just move some shots out of order – at first I was like wahhh but now I’m wondering why not?
Everything we’ve done seems almost overly logical, and in real time – it probably doesn’t need to be. Some ellipsis could be used effectively to enhance what is going on.

The narrative at this point in time functions in three very separate blocks (or acts if you want to use that term).

  1. The end of one of Bill and Linda’s shows – establishes them as magicians, and that the disappearing act is their final act.
  2. In the Van, in the carpark, Bill and Linda argue about their lifestyle.
  3. Bill gets his revenge on Linda.

Maybe it could be re-ordered – obviously it doesn’t have to be, but I think keeping an open mind about sequences that we can create and the order we can put them in is worthwhile.
I kept reminding Caley on set that we need to film what we planned, how we planned. Now, in post, watching the footage, thinking about how we really needed an establishing shot here, of this, it opens up a whole new way of doing things…

So many opportunities are available and I really want to experiment with changing the order. The story, as I’ve written it is so much in real-time – and I didn’t think about this when I was writing. I felt limited with dialogue and number of scenes possible with a five-page script. I felt that a short film needed to occur over a short period of time.
But, why not have several arguements in the car – each one can get more and more intense, and each one can build up to the final moments? I need to go and watch more films to better understand how we can use time to strengthen the characters.

as I watch through the footage, I can see where it would be great to have close-ups that we just didn’t get – there are so many moments of action that have been done really nicely in a long take, but drag on a little when a close up on the face would make the action more interesting to watch… how to fix this, I’m not sure yet…
We need to work out a wat to establish character through action – but without displaying every second of every action because that’s boring for the audience to watch. We need more perspective (this is purely observational – and a lesson learned, not a criticism of te group’s work because I think our director and DOP put in a great effort), we need reactionary shots


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