the moment of SERENDIPITY (at least I hope it is)

Frazzled and worried about the imagery and practicality of our disappearing act, on Saturday I put out a call to AIM – the Australian Institute of Magicians… STUDENT FILM SEEKING ASSISTANCE!!!

We had a chest, but, let’s be honest, it did not look magical at all. Image

We could put it on a stand, but it still wouldn’t be as good as a real magicians prop.941848_10201097098651245_878199114_nimages-2
Some people would say in the context of the film it didn’t matter, and some people would say that it mattered most of all…either way, if I was going to stress about it, it was probably worth at least trying to source alternate options, right?
So, I battled on. Despite a disappointing phone call to the President of AIM – letting us know that disappearing boxes cost $2,000+ and we would probably have a hard time getting access to one, but if I emailed her she would forward it out – I still sent the email and to my joy first thing Monday morning (last Monday) and got an email from Dan – former screenwriting student at RMIT and current magician – saying he would be happy to help out on the shoot and had a variety of ideas as to how we could create a convincible vanish without a box!

He went through a few possibilites that we could use from black magic to just using silks skilfully  but he has a prop chair that he uses in shows and I want to work with that.

The chair is a prop that he has developed to use in his own shows – with details that I can’t include here…


Dan was fabulous on set.
He had really useful suggestions and even brought his dove Casper along to be included in the shots. He taught Bill the magician simple and effective tricks that were really useful to include at the beginning and end of shots.

The prop chair worked really well and the actors were happy and to use it and try different ways of disappearing. It has allowed the creation of a really interesting and engaging trick.

on set

I am so happy and grateful right now that I want to publically plug Dazzling Dan the Magic Man  – go ahead and like him on Facebook =)



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