tee minus six and counting

It’s kind of really amazing how blinkered I can be. I didn’t even know it.
We’re shooting in six days and it seems like the world will end (or resume – which ever way you like to think about it), but we haven’t even discussed the editing process! 

One group member commented that it’ll all be pretty straight forward once the shoot is done. 
It’s going to be a big enough job sorting all the clips; deleting the duds and picking the highlights – which is why we need a really clear and concise shot list AND WE NEED TO STICK TO IT.

Editing is still not what it seems – and whilst many seem to think I have a grip on it (from the number of times I hire out keys to the suites) I really don’t think so!
We should, as a group share our Lenny EX#1 around to observe who has a feel for what.
Discussing the process will also be worthwhile. 


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