Why Musicians shouldn’t make films & the blog as a disruption

Why Musicians shouldn’t make films

What I learnt from this – being succinct is important.
Also, Die Antwoord is weirder then I thought.
Also, writing for blogs is maybe kind-of like writing an essay. It needs still to have an introduction, a body – and perhaps a conclusion.
It’s difficult to find the best or correct voice for the blog without knowing the characteristics of the audience.

Adrian’s lecture highlighted that Blogs can be seen as a disruptive pedagogy. I agree completely with his assertion that the fact a possible audience may view our work shifts the way we engage with the material, what we write about, and how. I would probably have started writing a blog ages ago if I wasn’t so insecure about my own writing and sharing my opinons with others.

But this makes our student blogs questionable things… I write my blog mainly for myself (keeping in mind that tutors will see it). I don’t write it for an intended audience – does this not also disrupt all that we have been taught about producing work/texts?
My blog has no explicit conventions. I write it the way I feel. Each post is different, sometimes the level of formality changes. Sometimes it’s unedited. I don’t treat it like a formal piece of assessment – is that bad? or does that simply allow for it to continue to change, to evolve and move towards becoming one whole unit?


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