Director v Director of Photography

Where one role starts and another role ends is perplexing me at the moment, as is how much control each person should have. I know, every project is different, but, how does it work ideally. Is there even an ideal way to have it work?

Having written the script I find myself frequently coming up with new (and what I’d like to think of as fantastic ideas for) shots – but that’s not my job.
Who is meant to be responsible for the storyboard; the director, or the director of photography, or both?

My cinema subject last year studied the role of the auteur/ever-controlling-director, and from that I thought that that was the best way for projects to work. (Being the control freak I am, I can easily see myself assuming that role, doing everything that there is to do.) But, the most recent lectures (especially Robin’s lecture on cinematography, and the one on lighting too) have highlighted that to produce an all around fantastic film you need to draw on the expertise of others.

… furthermore … this week’s reading, The Director and the Actor cleared this up a bit for me.
As I understand it, the role of director is not as all encumber-some as I once understood it to be.
The director is not all there is to the piece (especially in this piece of such a collaborative nature).



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