How much inter-connection is too much?

My latest revelation: I think I should tweet more. Twitter seems like one of the best tools around once you actually start to use it, but people criticise it all the time.
I only just connected my WordPress with my Twitter. I’d been hesitant, I didn’t want people who follow me on Twitter or Facebook to read my blog – I’m shy and a little insecure about my writing, and my writing style. Well, the cat’s out of the bag on that now, and I guess I will be linking this post to Twitter too seeing as how I just blabbed about it…. what a mess…. expect no hashtags…

Maybe it had to do with privacy too, I wan’t keen to make myself public on the internet for all to see and connect the dots across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and WordPress. But working for Bianca from Alphabet Pony and Dizzy Digital made me think twice about that. To gain exposure right now, you have to be willing to put yourself out there. You need to connect all those platforms to generate click between them! Get your Instagram followers onto your blog (especially if that’s where you’re making money), or over to you business’ Facebook page and then onto the main site. The blog is designed to function like an online portfolio, a showreel, a CV and if I can post decent, interesting content on Facebook and Twitter, what’s the harm in having them all connected?
Surely, if I don’t connect them, someone else will when the next all-new all-encompassing app comes out?


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