Who’s the one actually auditioning?

Auditions on Friday showcased a range of talent.
It was a really interesting experience – and sometimes it left me wondering who was auditioning for whom?

I organised all the auditions through Star Now (see our post here) and despite the somewhat vague casting call we got a range of responses.
Leaving the age range open seemed the best thing to do at the time – mostly because Paul and Christine talked about the older actors being nutcases – and it was good, but now we have a more specific idea of how we want the characters to be it seems like it would have been better to just have it open to over 35.

Overall it was a positive experience. Using the space in the basement worked well (although directing people to it was tricky). Filming the auditions was the best idea and talking to a fellow actor who does auditions proved useful in knowing how to run things to appear professional about it.
We tried hard to run it smoothly and professionally despite being nervous ourselves – I feel like we are

Some of the interesting things:

– People lied about their age.
– People came late, and then took up other’s time (holding up even our director).
– People were so nervous they were shaking, and others just made us nervous.

We were even fortunate enough to get those kinds – the ones Paul told us to be careful of – the know-it-all professionals who believe that they themselves are doing us a favor by appearing in our student film…. while there were others who were keen just to gain experience from the opportunity.

Anyone who plays a part in the film is really doing us a favour it’s true, but we want them to treat the experience with a professional manner so as we can do the same – that way we both gain something from it.


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