Where the Ad’s are at…

It’s a little left of field, but I think it’s pretty interesting all the same.
Dove’s new “Real Beauty Sketch” has sparked quite a lot of conversation around the way in which we perceive ourselves. Despite it’s positive message the AD still plays on traditional ideas of beauty and how we, and others think we should look.
I’ll admit it, I was moved by the video. I cried (but that’s not really anything new). I thought that while it was predictable, it was still an eye-opener and a timely reminder for my twenty-year-old self to be a bit kinder to the way I see myself.
But then I read this. And now, I don’t really know what to think about the ad.
It’s very cunning.

That it has generated widespread conversation is enough of a point to demonstrate that this campaign is effective, but it also demonstrates the movement from quick, 30-second ads on your soap-box to the online forum. These advertisement’s ask users to move online to further engage with concepts and experiences. They seek to generate investigation by the consumer and often result in online discussion.


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