the problem with white….

So, it has now become apparent (in more instances then one) that white walls are not as good as I thought they were.

Firstly, I am doing some work on the marketing team for Camberwell Showtime (a Scout and Guide show; written, performed and produced by Scouts and Guides of Boroondara). For their website re-development they wanted to incorporate interchanging tiles of cast members happy, smiling faces, and for the sake of continuity, I was quick to jump the gun and suggest they shoot most of the photos against a white background (the same white background). I think it was mainly so that they all looked similar, and so that the white balance would flow across all the shots (but that proved to be an incorrect assumption also).
Anyway, in a meeting held later, the team was discussing how they much preferred the in-situ photographs (you can have a look here). I think that’s true, but all the same, they could be cropped a bit better…

The next instance has been at RMIT, today’s lecture was the second time Paul has highlighted that white walls are in fact, boring. The first time was in class last week when discussing locations – apparently if your house has white walls, it’s not a great idea to shoot there. Contrary to my opinion that they are great (I have aways taken my photos upstairs against our white walls)… I am finally coming around to this idea.

But what would be a good coloured wall to shoot against?
I think probably yellow, or an orange-y/yellow. A warm colour that will create depth and not wash out people, or make them look sick in the way a green or blue might. Red appears to dominate the frame (sometimes this might be good), and black would just be too dark.
Yellow-y/orange-y it is. 


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