and it feels like we’re beginning to get somewhere…

FilmTV, finally feeling like we’re getting off the ground now.
Yes it took a while, and yes, for a while I felt it all might crumble beneath me, but now the ball really is rolling. And it didn’t take very much.

Following a post-lecture meeting we talked through scripts, and though still not 100% about the details of the vision, it’s clear that we know where the story will go:


Whilst discussing, and realizing that shooting dates are coming up all too soon we got onto Star Now and put up an add.
I’ll be honest, I thought it would go nowhere. One, maybe two responses, from people who had no experience and were really not what we wanted. I was wrong.

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 4.00.04 PM

I should not have selected to receive an email for every application because only hours later they were/are beginning to flood in. And lots of these people have recommendations, and lots of them are listed under”Pro”, and they all write that they are interested in learning more about the project and keen to get involved!!

Now, with the energy of other people getting involved and showing interest, it has renewed my own and I’m getting super excited to audition and cast roles!

However, it is somewhat daunting to think that we may be working with older actors who have so much more experience doing what they do, then we do doing what we do.



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