Thinking in screen language – why my ideas have not been very good…

The task of developing an outline for a short film is daunting and scary.
More-so when every idea you churn out seems flawed.

I’m not a writer. Yet.

(But I want to develop that skill eventually – there’s nothing more glamorous to me, seriously, then the image of a solitary writer; getting up at 5am and writing till midday, then going for long runs or walks, hardly talking to anyone, becoming utterly consumed by your work)

My ideas seem to involve way too much talking, not enough action.
The best short films I’ve seen – in class, on Vimeo – have had minimal or even no dialogue. This made them more engaging, it was necessary that the viewer pay attention. It’s also nice to be shown things rather then told.
My first excuse at why I’m bad at this: I don’t like action films (true). I like films with intricate characters, going through difficult situations. Characters that grow, and change. Characters that are influenced by things and want to or have to change. I don’t like fight scenes, I’m hardly keen on explosions and I’m not really interested in wars on the screen. I’m more interested in the people involved.
Excuse number two: I like films with dialogue. Good dialogue is good. But too much dialogue is boring.

But why can I only think in dialogue? I watch enough films (probably not enough short films).


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