the verdict on mobile shooting

So, after the reveal of our first and second sketch task pieces in IM1 today, the overall feeling was:
– that shooting on DSLR trumps that on mobile phones
– the dirty doesn’t look as good as clean
– a static camera (or at least one on a tripod) is pleasing to watch
– the pre-planned shoots were more entertaining
As media students, we are taught the conventions: why they work and why they exist. Does not adhering to them really make us ground breaking?
I remember a speaker at an RMIT welcome day telling a captivated audience that they have no ideas what jobs we will be offered when we graduate, the media landscape is changing rapidly, but good writing and a strong command of language will always be a valuable set of skills.
Doesn’t the same apply to media production? 
For now, I prefer the clear crisp image.

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