and then floppy discs became obsolete…

The Flipped Lecture on Futurism was mind blowing in more ways then one.

…in the future much of that information could become unreadable because your computer is obsolete…

Comments such as this scare me. Even now people are suggesting the matrix is real – see this article.

The idea of CRYSTALS STORING INFORMATION is amazing – as light is a perfect way of acessing vast amounts of information quickly, it is proposed that they will become more then our novel USB’s ever were…

The rapid developments that are changing the way we interact with technology are both allowing technology to sit in a more streamlined positions in our lives, yet as we find its limitations it becomes clunky and difficult.
Just the other day I found myself trying to get homework done and multitask, yet there were not enough screens available for me to do so. To write that disgusts me, I am not a fan of having to depend on a screen, and sit infront of it for hours to get work done (…strange right, I mean, I’m studying media). Anyway, I was trying to watch a DVD for my cinema studies course, and at the same time work on this blog and take notes on the movie (by hand). Being a NTSC DVD I could only watch it on my MacBook which left me with either the ipad  or my smartphone to do the blogging on. Moving between interent windows on wither is not as simple as on the laptop and if using the Apple or Android WordPress App you either have to write

The conclusion I’m very slowly coming to here is that I’m totally hypocritical when it comes to technological advances. I love the ideas that projects could help the physically and mentally disabled in their every day lives, but at the same time I question the necessity of machines and  robots in our everyday lives. I feel that we are moving away from our human nature and towards the


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