Sharing is Caring

In dipping my toes into tertiary education I have gained a great deal of knowledge around using different programs and working collaboratively with others.

Google Docs is something I really only discovered about half way through the year and it would have to be one of the most useful things I have found whilst at university. It enables documents, spreadsheets, images and more to be uploaded, edited and shared via Google Drive, and all that is needed is a Google account – who doesn’t have one of them these days…

It makes group work easy, and more importantly it means that it doesn’t matter that every now and then I can’t be bothered lugging my laptop to uni – I can just work from my Google Drive.

(What about a USB a hear you ask? A USB, I had one of those, a while ago … think it’s in my room somewhere now…)

In using Google Docs to edit the Media Students Charter I was able to gain inspiration from the work of others, and come up with some edits that I feel make the responsibilities clearer, more personal yet it still remains a formal document. I think that it is important for students to be reminded that, in most instances, they are paying  for their education – so it is really well and truly worth putting in the time to attend lectures and tutes, actively engage with the materials and make the most of the three years.
I have also added in a suggestion about working professionally and collaboratively as I feel these are specifically relevant to the nature of the media degree. I believe it is important to seek out the best from those you work with and remember that one day you may even be asking them for a job.



One major problem with shared documents, just like the shared media server that all can use in the Editing Suites – all can use it, all can modify, and, if someone was to bear a grudge, they could easily delete it all


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