Photo Finish on Photojournalism

Photo Finish on Photojournalism

As a media student, interested in the science of light and photography in general I have been watching Photo Finish on ABC. Unlike the array of competitive talent shows that seem to be growing exponentially, Photo Finish – while still in line with the popular drama theme – is, in my opinion, watchable, and I found the episode on Photojournalism quite intriguing.

The concept of photojournalism itself seems mystical and unconventional – to get a good picture while remaining ‘invisible’ and unobtrusive with a camera in hand is a challenge. Furthermore, one does not have the time to compose the best possible picture, to use the tools if composition that we are taught.

However, as a supporter of analogue photography and the Lomography movement I have fallen for a less constructed (less “beautiful”) photograph. Something more spontaneous and perhaps a ‘MISTAKE’ with ‘flaws’ so I found tit interesting to note that I really didn’t like the more constructed shots – they were far to glossy and ‘perfect’ for me – it was the more documentary photos, the photos of the moment that I liked, perhaps they weren’t as ‘pretty’ but they hold something that others don’t… something I can’t quite put my finger on… 


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